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Breaking It Down To What You Can Control

Breaking It Down To What You Can Control Everyone has heard that in order to accomplish anything we must have goals. Goals can be modest (I want to make more money) and they can be lofty (I want to become President). Goals can be vague (I want to be healthier) and they can be specific [...]

Let's Have a Chat (Face to Face)

Let’s Have a Chat (Face to Face) I don’t want to comment on the Manti Te’o story directly as I really don’t know what transpired, but it does make me feel really sad. Whether he was completely hoaxed, participated in the hoax fully or simply embellished the story doesn’t matter to me. What does matter [...]

What is going on?

What the hell is going on? On this morning’s news I read and watched of shootings at a school, a shooting at a mall, a shooting in a movie theatre, and violent crimes throughout the country?  Why is this happening?  I am sick to my stomach thinking about the families that have had to deal [...]

Let your kids play multiple sports

Please let your kids play multiple sports for as long as they want to play As a high school baseball coach I want my players to play multiple sports. There are many reasons for this the most important being that it’s a lot of fun. There are other motivations as well. The multi-sport athlete spends [...]


I guess it’s all a matter of perspective.  Last week I was up in the mountains elk hunting.  The world was both big and small.  Miles and miles of unoccupied land stretched out before me.  Unoccupied by human types anyway.  The comment around the campfire was always, “This is BIG Country.” Yet it was small [...]

That's why I coach

I damn near cried.  The game had ended in defeat, our team beaten by better players.  Yet we had played hard, and there was no shame in losing.  The tears that welled behind my eyes were not due to the loss.  I did not choke up because the season was over.   It was that kid, [...]

Breaking Free

Have you ever tried To be something you’re not Have you acted as you should Not as you are   Like wearing a new sweater Washed in hot water Your arms and your chest straining Against the shrunken fibers Trying desperately to break free The wool, like society Holding you tightly Squeezing your ambitions Keeping [...]

Why do we go to work?

Why do we go to work?  For the money of course, but why do you go to where you work, to the place where you do your particular job?  Again the flippant answer is, “For the money.”  Is there another reason? Just for a moment think, what if?  What if you could do any job [...]


Watching the ocean roll in Wave after wave After wave after wave That I can be like the ocean Always moving forward Driven by an unseen force There are no obstacles for the wave Only side trips A short detour into life Over or around Or sometime through a hole In the rock that seems [...]

Baseball and Fishing are just around the corner

In addition to my Academic Life Coaching business, I am the Head Baseball Coach at Sheldon High School and operate First Time Fishing a guide service geared towards kids and their parents who want a nice day out on the McKenzie River. The weather here in the Southern Willamette Valley was beautiful today, and as [...]

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