Monthly Archives: June 2012

Breaking Free

Have you ever tried To be something you’re not Have you acted as you should Not as you are   Like wearing a new sweater Washed in hot water Your arms and your chest straining Against the shrunken fibers Trying desperately to break free The wool, like society Holding you tightly Squeezing your ambitions Keeping [...]

Why do we go to work?

Why do we go to work?  For the money of course, but why do you go to where you work, to the place where you do your particular job?  Again the flippant answer is, “For the money.”  Is there another reason? Just for a moment think, what if?  What if you could do any job [...]


Watching the ocean roll in Wave after wave After wave after wave That I can be like the ocean Always moving forward Driven by an unseen force There are no obstacles for the wave Only side trips A short detour into life Over or around Or sometime through a hole In the rock that seems [...]