Academic Life Coaching Helps Students Take Advantage of the Best Options Available, both Now and in the Future

Logistics, How Life Coaching Works Academic Life Coaching is a series of skills and concepts that help students take advantage of the best options available to them. Academic Life Coachinghelps students understand how they study and learn best, how they already exercise their own personal brand of leadership, and how to be more proactive in their lives. The skills teenagers learn now will have an exponential impact on their future. Learning these skills helps students avoid common pitfalls and it also changes the upward trajectory of their fulfillment, success, and effectiveness.

Specific Problems Academic Life Coaching Addresses

Like most high school students and their parents, you're probably looking ahead to the future and thinking about the available options and the best way to be equipped to be successful. You're probably in the middle of the high school years (or just about to jump in) and the college application is on the horizon. The Academic Life Coaching Program specifically targets:

Stress over grades whether students are getting A's, but are completely stressed out, or they are getting grades that will limit future options

Anxiety about College Admissions and completing the college application

Frustrating Parent-Teen Communication

Concern that students aren't learning the necessary skills to be successful adults

Uncertainty about the best options available and what students can be doing to keep their options open

The Academic Life Coaching Program was created specifically for middle and high school students. It was honed by the experience of hundreds of students giving feedback on the concepts and charting movement in their grades and self-analysis of their confidence, happiness, and reduction of stress levels.

One worry students have is by being in the program it will result in even more work in an already hectic schedule. The truth is Academic Life Coaching is a program that makes their work more effective and more efficient.