A Few Words From Stan Manley

As a High School Baseball Coach, I learned very early on in my career that there was a gap between what students were learning in schools, and what was useful in life. Many of the skills required to be successful in adult life - such as Leadership, Communication, Core Motivation Styles, Academic Thinking and Learning Styles - are simply not directly taught in schools. It's not a failing because many schools do try, but there simply isn't the time or money necessary to help the kids.

I also realized that many students struggle with stress about grades, frustration in relationships, and anxiety about college, and that's when I discovered Academic Life Coaching.

I know that Life Coaching sounds cheesy, especially to a high school student. The name might just be, but the concepts are outstanding. Students who go through the Academic Life Coaching program learn their own unique style and brand of leadership. They understand the way they learn best so they can use their time effectively and avoid the stress that many students experience. They also directly build the skills; the essential Emotional Intelligence skills of greater self-awareness, as well as pursuing a passion outside the bounds of the normal classroom, something that college admission officers are looking for.

John Williams, a graduate from Brown University, started to develop this program in 2004 when he discovered the same gap. He became certified as a Life Coach and put together a series of concepts that eventually became the Academic Life Coaching program. It is comprised of 32 concepts spread out over 10 sessions. The first third looks at Academic Success Systems. The second third looks at core Life Coaching principles such as default perspectives, signature values, and motivation and organization, and the last thirds look at communication, leadership and the college application. Although the Academic Life Coaching program is not a traditional college consulting program, much of the concepts naturally help students develop the skills that are so useful on an application.

In taking the Academic Life Coaching training with John and learning the program, I am thrilled with the possibilities it affords young people. In my sessions I combine my own life experiences with this training to essentially empower students with skills that I would have loved to learn when I was a teenager.

Feel free to contact me and ask any questions you might have, or to set up an interview and see how Academic Life Coaching can benefit you now, and on into the future.