Meet Stan

Stan Manley is a certified Life Coach and Academic Life Coach helping people Define, Design and Achieve their own greatest passions.

Coaching helps students take advantage of the best options available to them, and make a positive impact on their future.

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  • A Life Coach can help you become more strategic and focused, achieve outcomes more quickly, and enjoy the process more fully.

  • You will understand your learning and motivation style, thus you become more organized, and more proactive in your life.

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Can Stan Manley's Life Coaching Help You?

Academic Life Coaching Can Help You!

Are you looking ahead to the future, and thinking about the available options and the best way to be equipped for success? Whether you are about to enter into high school, or you are in the midst of the high school years, Stan Manley and his Academic Life Coaching can help you!

Stan's coaching can help you alleviate stress over grades, anxieties about College Admissions and completing the College Application, and even frustrating Parent-Teen communication. Also addressed are concerns that students aren't learning the necessary skills to be successful adults in today's fast-paced world. And just as important, Coaching will tackle the uncertainty over the best options available, and what students can be doing to keep their options open.